That Team With Capes


Problem :

Within a city there is little to no soil and clean water to grow food.

Solution :

We made a grey water hydroponic window we call the “Hydro WiBo” which we would sell to city dwellers to allow them to grow plants using grey water instead of soil.

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants in water using a nutrient solvent to give the plants the minerals they would normally get from soil. It's growing plants using water instead of soil.

To save potable water, the system will be fed by grey water, which is any water from the sink or even tub. It is not dirty black water (from the toilet) but it is not clean enough to drink, however, it is the perfect water for a hydroponics system. The grey water, having been filtered for hair and soap, will be fine for hydroponics and will not damage the plants. 

DIY Hydro Wibo

Here are instructions on how to make your own hydroponic window box! 

HYDRo Wibo

Here are some CAD designs we made ourselves. This is what our finished product would look like.


Core Values

We use the FIRST Lego League values to work together as a team, inclued others, and have fun. We practice these values at all times whether we are at a meeting, at home, or reaching out to our community through open houses, mentoring, or demonstrations. We hope that we will inspire others to also follow these values.