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Junior FIRST Lego League is for children ages 6-9. In the Jr. FLL challenge, teams are given a theme which they must research. Each team explores a problem related to the theme and invents a solution to address it. They also create a model using legos to help visualize the theme. Members learn problem solving and other useful skills that will help prepare them for higher levels of FIRST.


FIRST Lego League is for students in grades 4-8. The FLL challenge consists of three parts: core values, project, and the robot game. In core values teams must show judges how their team works together to manage their team and work through problems together. In the robot game, teams must build a robot to accomplish a series of tasks designed by FIRST. In the project, teams must research a problem related to the year's theme and create a solution. Members learn engineering, problem solving, and build presentation and social skills.


FIRST Tech Challenge is for students in grades 7-12. Teams construct robots to execute designated tasks and compete with three other robots on a 12' by 12' playing field. The game takes place over a two and a half minute period. During this time, the robot will move autonomously for the first thirty seconds and then is driver controlled during the last two minutes. A journal must be created to document the team's design process, and progress throughout the year. Members learn engineering, documentation, design, and presentation skills.


FIRST Robotics Competition is for students in grades 9-12. Teams engineer large robots that compete with five other robots on a field approximately the size of a tennis court. The game is released in January and teams have six weeks to construct their robot before it must be bagged until competition. Besides engineering skills, members learn design skills and mechanical safety.

Team Photo Gallery

Meet our 2019 Jr. FLL team, the Lunar Llamas! This year, teams were challenged to brainstorm ideas that would make a lunar colony most successful. The Lunar Llamas solution consisted of a school to educate the inhabitants of the lunar colony. They presented their solution to judges at the state FRC competition and earned the Complexity Award. The Lunar Llamas have had fun building legos together, and learning more about science and technological solutions to problems.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 8.07.02 PM.png

18138 Intergalactic Llama force

The Intergalactic Llama Force (ILF) is one of SWIFT's two FLL teams. Due to a large number of new members, SWIFT was able to make an all boys team and an all girls team. The ILF excelled in the robot game with an average match score of 210 points. At their qualifiers, they won the first place Mechanical Design Award and the first place Robot Performance Award. They also qualified for the state competition where they proceeded to earn the Robot Performance Award again, the highest robot score in the state of NC. 

40432 Awesome astro llama ladies

The Awesome Astro Llama Ladies (AALL)  is SWIFT's all-girl FLL team. The AALL also competed well in the robot game with an average match score of 110 points. At their qualifiers, the girls won the first place Robot Performance Award and the first place Strategy and Innovation Award. They also qualified for the state competition where they earned the first place Presentation Award for project. 


18530 STar fox

Star Fox is our junior varsity FTC team that consists of members new to FIRST and the FTC challenge. Star Fox did extremely well, with an average match score of 110 points. They made it into the finals at one of their qualifiers and made it to the state competition where they won the first place Compass Award. 

7105/5544 intergalactic space llamas

Intergalactic Space Llamas is SWIFT's varsity FTC team (7105), and FRC team (5544).  With only nine members and each member competing in both FRC and FTC, each member must work very hard. All the hard work has payed off and the team has excelled in both competitions as a result. In FRC, the team made it into the finals at one of their qualifiers and qualified for the state competition. In FTC, they won the finals at both qualifiers, and won first place Inspire Award. They also won the finals at the state competition, as well as earned the first place Innovate Award. They are now preparing to head to the world FTC competition in Houston, Texas where they are looking forward to meeting other FTC teams from around the globe. The members enjoy spreading their knowledge of robotics with their community and other FIRST teams, and are already preparing for another year of learning and fun.



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