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SWIFT Scholarships and Financial Assistance Available. 

Please email: or contact one of the Head Coaches.


Our Membership Dues and Camp Fees

We give a lot of thought to what we charge and strive to offer value for your dollars.  Still, we understand that membership dues and activity fees can be expensive, especially if you have more than one student participating.  Please contact us to discuss options and opportunities to reduce the impact on your finances.   Here are a few ways we can help: 


- Grants - We have the ability to offer a few grants each year.   Grants require an application, please contact our staff for details.   We have had Members and Sponsors donate funds toward these grants.  If this is something you are interested in donating too please contact us.


- Bring us a Sponsor - Bring us a Sponsor and we apply a significant portion of what is raised toward your fees. 


- Coach or assist a Coach - Volunteer to Coach a team or assist a Coach;  Coaches receive 100% off; Assistant Coaches can receive 50% off.  Team mentors 25% off.  Note that there is a limited spot on each team that we can offer this to.  Please contact our staff.  


- Fil a SWIFT position - we need help with social media/webpage management and we need help with book keeping.  If you believe you are suited to help us with one of these roles let us know.   We will treat this volunteerism the same as a Coach / Assistant Coach when it comes to discounting dues.  


- Manage a Fundraiser - Volunteer to manage a fundraiser and we will apply a significant portion of what is raised toward your fees.  


- Payment Plan - Contact us to work out a payment plan.  


- Ask family and friends to donate to your registration - We have found that family and friends are willing to donate toward your students participation, especially as Birthday or Christmas gifts.   We are willing to send an email or card on their behalf announcing the gift and what it is applied to.  



We remind everyone that we are a 'Community Club' and that SWIFT and FIRST rely on volunteers to make the program work.  All member parents are expected to pitch-in to help us out from time-to-time.  Through-out the year we will send out emails asking for donations, assistance, participation.  It may be donating cleaning supplies, or sorting Legos, driving to an event, bringing snacks or drinks, making a pizza run, helping to raise funds for a much needed piece of equipment or stepping in to coach or assist a team when the need arises.

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