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SWIFT Scholarships and Financial Assistance Available. 

For Details Please email:

or contact one of the Head Coaches.  

The 2020-2021

Membership Fees


Swift Robotics aims to provide the greater Sandhills area Students an immersion STEM learning experience along with world-class competitive robotics teams at a low cost.  We have students from the local homeschools, private schools, and public school participating.  We have awesome sponsors that are helping us create the next generation of engineers, software developers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.  


We appreciate it if our families join the Swift Robotics Booster Club ($50.00 family membership) to help offset some costs. (LINK TO BOOSTER CLUB PAGE) 


We often ask families to cover the cost of the team t-shirt and if your child is coming in for the optional Saturday build session we often order pizza for lunch so $3-5 towards that helps us save our budget for robot parts. 


Our students often excel at the North Carolina state level. We have been fortunate enough to attend the FTC World Competition in Houston for the past three years. Families were expected to pay airfare and a portion of the hotel costs. We had great sponsors that helped offset some of the fees/hotel costs. Worlds is optional attendance.


Look to our Booster Club page for a list of our current needs. All coaches and mentors participate on a purely volunteer basis. Our required annual budget is usually around $40,000 to support 10 teams and 73 students, so donations and sponsorship are greatly appreciated. 

Make Checks Payable To:


Mail to:

c/o Scot Padgett 

1025 Pineywood Church Rd. 

Cameron, NC 28326

or make arrangements with one of the Senior Coaches to drop off at the SITE.  


FIRST Lego League Discover (FLL-D)

Grades PreK-1/Ages 4-6

Meets twice a month

October - April

$200 for Season


SWIFT Media Force (SMF)

Grades 8-12/Ages 13-18

Meets twice a week+

August - April

$250 for Season

$50 for T-shirt


FIRST Technical Challenge (FTC)

Grades 7-12/Ages 12-18

Meets twice a week+

September - March+

$350 for Season

$50 for Team Shirt


FIRST Lego League Explore (FLL-E)

Grades 2-4/Ages 6-10

Meets twice a month

October - April

$250 for Season

$25 for T-shirt


FIRST Lego League Challenge (FLL-C)

Grades 4-8/Ages 9-14

Meets twice a week+

August - February+

$300 for Season

$25 for Team Shirt


FIRST Robotics Challenge (FRC)

Grades 9-12/14-18

Meets twice a week+

August - April

$400 for Season

$50 for Team Shirt

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