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It Takes a Community

to Keep all the Robots in Check!

SWIFT is a community club, and we absolutely count on our community to support our goals and growth.  Your patronage is valued and needed.  Be sure to check back here often as we will update these lists, add new postings, share our challenges and successes, educate, and keep you informed of our many activities. Here are a few of the ways you can help:



SUPPORT SWIFT by purchasing some of the items we need this season.  We have big ticket items like tools and equipment, but also low-cost incidental items like office supplies, cleaning supplies, and paper products.  Whatever you can order will be great!

Coming Soon!

SUPPORT SWIFT by donating directly.  Donations help offset operational costs, allowing us to put more money toward robot parts!

SUPPORT SWIFT by helping with tasks at the SITE or running errands, allowing the coaches and mentors to spend more time working directly with the students and building successful teams!

Coming Soon!

Our Sponsors

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The Deucher Family

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