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Key SWIFT Correspondence dated 4 August 2020 

Greeting Parents of FLL Challenge Students, 


I want to update all on what enrollment looks like for this program and to provide a bit more information to the parents.  



FIRST LEGO League Challenge (FLL-C)


FLL Team 18139

Coach Zachary Jones

Asst. Coach Val Green

Team Mentor Daniel Sims

Benjamin Jones (10)

Elisha Sims (11)

Hazel Gaspari (11)

Elisha Green (12)

Keaton Jones (13)

Lakin Bryant (12)

Karissa Sims (11)

FLL Team 40432

Coach Heather Wright

Asst. Coach Victoria Sutton Walters-Jacob

Team Mentor  Vacant – looking for a Parent Volunteer

Priscilla Priest (9)

Isabella Dugan (9)

Juliana Deucher (9)

Cheira Walters-Jacobs (12)

Catherine Deucher (10)

FLL Team 45325

Coach Rob Deucher (Dr.)

Asst. Coach  Vacant – looking for a Parent Volunteer

Team Mentor  Vacant – looking for a Parent Volunteer

Phillip Deucher (12)

Zane Withrow (10)

Gavin O’Connor (10)

Owen Kowach (11)

FLL Team 50823

Coach Scot Padgett

Asst. Coach GW Krauss

Team Mentor  Vacant – looking for a Parent Volunteer

Koen Bittner (9)

Abe Goodman (9)

Princeton Robarge (9)

Eli Sachs (9)

Wyatt Blanton (9)

Gabriel Beaulieu (9)

Cohen Harr (9)

Max Krauss (8+)

Voiced Intent / But not yet registered/Question concerning enrollment


Matthew Jensen (?) – Not Registered

Eli Freeman (11) (?) – Not Registered

John Roscoe (8+ ) (?) – Not Registered

Cayden Sachs (13) (?) Need to discuss with Parents and Cayden where best to place.  Will send out email. 

Elliot Harr (8) – Need to discuss with Parents where best to place Elliot. 




-- Tune-in today for the 2020-2021 FIRST GAME CHANGERS Season Kickoff Celebration

-- Coaches will establish and email out their August Team Kick-off meeting. 

NOTE:  Teams 18139 and 50823 are set.  Team 40432 and 45325 are still being worked.   

-- September Schedule will be set by team coaches.   

-- SWIFT SITE address is:  4364 US Hwy 1, Unit 4, Vass NC. 28394.  We will be meeting in the Capodanno Main Hall.  

-- Parents are encouraged to volunteer to assist Coaches and Mentors especially with clean-up


Covid Notes:

-- Please do not bring a sick student to the meeting.  Please let me know if you have a sick child, not only do we want to track but the SWIFT team believes in the power of prayer. 

-- Please check your student's temperature at the door as you enter the building.  

-- Please sanitize your and your students hands as you enter the building.  

-- All adults and students over the age of 11 must wear a face mask in accordance with NC Governor directive dated 30 June concerning Face coverings.   *Coaches and Parents will work together to agree upon what is acceptable at their team meetings.  


Remember we are a community club, together we will work to keep our kids safe, while promoting an educational and fun environment.  


Thank you, 


Coach Scot

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