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Our mission statement is incorporated into the Acronym of our name: Students Working to Inspire Future Technology. We work to learn and teach all that we can in the STEM fields, while building personal and interpersonal foundations in service and integrity. The club began in 2013 and has been growing steadily since then. SWIFT now has 9 teams competing in FIRST programs. three Jr. FLL team, four FLL teams, and two FTC teams.



The Intergalactic Space Llamas has been SWIFT's veteran FTC team since 2013. Instead of simply calling themselves SWIFT like last year, they recently went through a re-branding and once again became the Intergalactic Space Llamas which was their name several years ago. The team is doing great this season. At their two qualifiers, IGSL were Winning Alliance Captain both times, won the 1st place Inspire Award, won the 1st Think Award, and scored a world record for Rover Ruckus. At the NC State Championship, IGSL won 3rd place Think Award, 1st place Innovate Award, 3rd place Inspire, and were on the winning alliance. They will be competing in the World Championship in Houston on April 17-20.

The into orbit season went very well for team #18139 the Intergalactic Llama Force and team #40432 the Awesome Astro Llama Ladies. A.A.L.L is SWIFT's first all girls FLL team. They excelled in project and core values, and ended up winning the 1st place Presentation Award at states. The I.L.F is an all boys team and they excelled with their robot. The boys were the first SWIFT team to win the 1st place Robot Performance Award at states with a max score of 237 in competition. Not only did they win the performance award, but they also had the highest scoring robot in North Carolina for the Into Orbit season. Neither team qualified for the world competition however both are very proud of what they accomplished and are already discussing ideas for next season.

Star Fox


After an incredible growth in students, SWIFT had enough members to start a rookie team for FTC. This team consists of multiple students that have aged up from our FLL program or have just joined the SWIFT FTC program. The team is doing extremely well for their rookie year. At one of their two qualifiers, Star Fox was an alliance captain and competed in the finals against SWIFT's veteran FTC team. They also qualified for the NC State Championship on March 2nd where they won the 1st place Compass Award. 


SWIFT could not be the club it is today without the help of its sponsors and donations. SWIFT is very grateful for the sponsorship of Novetta, Duke Energy, Luke's Medical, Capodanno High School, and Doug's Auto. We are always looking to reach out to expand our sponsors. If you are interested in supporting SWIFT robotics please contact us.

Need more information about FIRST or the individual levels  our club offers? Find it at https://www.firstinspires.org/