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FTC Team 15830 was established in 2018, and was affectionately known as "the rookie team", though they took everyone by surprise with their success!  SWIFT Star Fox (2018-2019) quickly grew from 7105's junior rookie team to their very capable competition!  The Subaquatic Sea Sheep (2019-2020) went head to head with 7105 and other great NC teams in multiple qualifying, semifinal, and final matches, winning many of those handily with their awesome, speedy delivery bot!  The highlight of the year was an awesome match allied with 5064 Aperture Science, where they came within 2 points of the World Record!!  We look forward to many more ground-breaking accomplishments from these amazing students in the 2020-2021 Season!  


2020-2021 "ULTIMATE GOAL"

Awards and Recognition



2019-2020 "SKYSTONE"

Awards and Recognition


Greensboro (N. Guilford) Qualifier

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

Design Award Finalist

Charlotte (Kennedy) Qualifier

Winning Alliance 2nd Pick

Think Award Finalist

Design Award Finalist

North Carolina State Championship 

Finalist Alliance 2nd Pick

Think Award Finalist

2018-2019 "ROVER RUCKUS"

Awards and Recognition

Durhan (Trinity) Qualifier

Finalist Alliance Captains

Connect Award Finalist

Advanced to North Carolina State Championship 

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